instascrape.exceptions package


instascrape.exceptions.exceptions module

exception instascrape.exceptions.exceptions.InstagramLoginRedirectError(message='Instagram is redirecting you to the login page instead of the page you are trying to scrape. This could be occuring because you made too many requests too quickly or are not logged into Instagram on your machine. Try passing a valid session ID to the scrape method as a cookie to bypass the login requirement')

Bases: Exception

Exception that indicates Instagram is redirecting away from the page that should be getting scraped. Can be remedied by logging into Instagram.

exception instascrape.exceptions.exceptions.MissingCookiesWarning

Bases: UserWarning

exception instascrape.exceptions.exceptions.MissingSessionIDWarning

Bases: UserWarning

exception instascrape.exceptions.exceptions.WrongSourceError(message='Wrong input source, use the correct class')

Bases: Exception

Exception that indicates user passed the wrong source type to the scraper. An example is passing a URL for a hashtag page to a Profile.

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